Content Is King

Content is so important to any website as I briefly explained here. We live in a world that revolves around information, whether it be in the form of numbers or words. The most charismatic of people have led countries and changed the world (Napoleon, Churchill, Mandela). Charisma is created by the subtle pauses, tone, choice of wording and for other reasons. Charismatic writing is created by taking some of these qualities and applying it to create the desired emotions.

Content converts interest into sales.

A lot of us have a website to generate sales. Unless your product is the only one on the market then you will have to persuade your customer to buy. You do this by writing attractive and engaging content aimed towards your target audience.

You may offer extra support that no other competitor does, but if that is not put across correctly then your customer may buy from your $2 cheaper competitor.

Content builds authority to improve your search engine ranking.

The websites at the top of google have been selected as ‘high authority’ sites by Google’s algorithm. The aim of the algorithm is to rank the best content highest. If you are focussing on low quality articles aimed at blackhat SEO then you are sure to suffer in the long term. Having high quality content that boosts the authority of your website will help you ranking over the long term.

I will be releasing ‘Chris Wrights introduction to SEO’ for free, at some point this year.

Content gets people talking about you and your website.

Marketing can be time consuming and expensive if you let it be. Creating high quality, engaging content that gets people talking about it is a way around this. Want more clicks to your website? No worries, let the content do the work for you as it gets shared.

I hope you now see that content really is king. In the time of information, quality prevails.

Boost your site with high quality content.

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