Just Because You’re Good at Something, Doesn’t Mean You Should Do It

As we develop in life, we often create three categories in regards to skills. What we’re good at, what we’re bad at and what we’re okay at. We progress through education and early adult life gaining an increased understanding of what falls in to each category. Sometimes a skill will move from one category to another, other times it will rise to the top of the list or drop off completely.

For example, I was big in to football coaching (soccer, for those based in America). I used to coach children and this skill slotted into the ‘good at’ category nicely. I began to improve my coaching skill with qualifications and experience; as my ability increased, so did the importance of the skill within the category. I had decided that I wanted to be a football coach. Over the next year I lost my motivation for coaching children. Reasons had caused me to no longer want to pursue it, allowing it to drop off the scale.

The reason for the example is to show that I was willing to pursue something I was good at and make it my full time job. I would turn it into a career and one day coach at a Premier League club. We are told to follow our passions and do what we want to do (although this often is fake and society funnels us in to jobs to act as a robot would). Football coaching obviously wasn’t my passion hence why it fell off so quickly – from a little nudge.

I find myself regularly being told that I should be a chef. This judgement is because I enjoy cooking and, to be fair, I am good. Do I want to do it as a full time career? NO!

Cooking for others in a high pressured situation does not sound ideal for me. I could do it, I have done it, but never full time. I simply do not wish to spend at least 8 hours every day working for someone else in a hot kitchen. 

My advice to you, is to spend time getting to know yourself. This means reading and experimenting with different hobbies such as blogging, cooking, whatever. It is often not clear what you want to do, but eventually you will find it. Just keep searching. I became a full time writer through my journey, it came because I wanted to run my own business. I wanted to create something and make money from it, that sounded good. My various business ideas failed, but I never gave up and now I run my own, albeit tiny, business writing when I want, about what I want.

Don’t let the pressures of the world force you into doing something you don’t want to. Live your life without others taking advantage of it.

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The Trick to Weight Loss isn’t More Running

You may have just hit 40 and want to get into better shape or you need to cut down a size or two for the wedding in 3 months time. Whatever the reason you wish to lose weight for, the trick isn’t more running. I often seen individuals going about their ‘weight loss plans’ by jogging every night. I can’t help but think how thirty minutes of research would change their approach to a more effective strategy.

It comes down to your daily calorie intake. If you are eating above it, you will gain fat (and muscle if you are training appropriately), if you are eating below it you will lose fat (as well as muscle). Running burns calories, I hear you shout. You are right, calories are burnt however running comes with a psychological switch that many find hard to turn off. How many times have you been for a run and promptly treated yourself to the blueberry muffin that was staring at you from over by the bread bin. It is also hard for the average person to calculate the amount of calories burned off, leaving the individual unsure if they’re in a calorie deficit or not.

For example; the average woman needs about 2000 calories a day to maintain their weight1 (work yours out using this calculator: By reducing this amount to 1800, their would be a caloric deficit leading to weight loss. The holy grail. Any running on top of this will be a bonus.

Don’t confuse this post as an anti-running campaign. Running is fantastic for your cardiovascular system, which in turn helps with the flow of oxygen throughout your body. But if losing weight is your goal, record what you eat and ensure you are in a caloric deficit.

How to Record What You Eat

Nearly everything you eat will have an ingredient list where you can easily add up calories you are taking in. If you intend on eating a specific amount of protein, fats or carbohydrates every day then remember that one gram of fat is 9 calories, whereas protein and carbs are 4 calories per gram.

I Can Eat Whatever and Still Lose Weight?

Technically yes, as long as you are in a calorie deficit. It is, however, important to remember that eating the wrong foods can lead to problems further down the line. If your body is not getting the nutrients it needs, then you will suffer the consequences. In the short term, living off a diet of donuts and fizzy drinks can lead to lower energy levels as consuming the sugars will lead to a crash in blood sugar leaving you feeling wiped out.

When You StopLosing Weight

If you plan to lose weight over a long period of time, then it is highly likely that your metabolism will slow, studies have shown2. The weight will stop coming off and it will only continue to fall if you lower your calories again, 100 should be enough for the weight to keep dropping.

So you now have an understanding of what it takes to lose weight, you didn’t really like running anyway, right? Crete a meal plan, stick to it and achieve your desired weight.

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The 1 Top Tip Start-Ups Ignore

When my business was in start-up mode I was working for hours every day. Some days I would update my website, others I would brainstorm a new list of courses I could provide. A lot was getting done and it was all positive but my business was not moving anywhere. It was stationary with resources being pumped into it but nothing was happening. 

This is a symptom of many start-ups at a standstill. You do everything but sell, I thought selling is what business is about? It’s easy to believe that your customers will come and buy your product if you have a great website or a huge range of services. Unfortunately this is rarely true, you need to go out there and sell.

At the forefront of selling is rejection, a scary thought. No one likes it but it is part of life. A normal person would look to avoid rejection; to follow the path of least resistance. However you are a business starter, an entrepreneur and this is by no means the path of least resistance but it is the path to greater satisfaction and success. 

You Need To Sell

We all have to step outside our comfort zone in order to achieve, so why not today? You can start by calling up 3 of your target companies and pitching your product or service to them. I once attended a talk by a British woman called Lara Morgan, she had a fantastic routine for sales. Every day she would set herself a target number of prospects to call before she could leave. This would often be in 3 figures and would be tallied off one-by-one. This persistence helped her grow her business before she sold her 99% majority stake for £20million (just over $32million in todays exchange rate). 

It’s easy to tell someone what to do, but it is completely different when you are actually doing it. You need to give yourself every opportunity to succeed whilst minimising chance of failure. It’s the simple things such as writing down what you are going to say on the phone, researching your target audience and finding their ‘pain’ (this will be discussed in a later article). Once all bases are covered, then do. If you succeed, then do it again. If you fail, you must do it again. 

The aim of the post is not to tell you to forget everything else, but it is to encourage you to make sales a priority. 

Learn from your mistakes and always look to improve. It may take 99 ‘no’s’ but eventually you will get that ‘yes’ to take your business on the road to success. 

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Content Is King

Content is so important to any website as I briefly explained here. We live in a world that revolves around information, whether it be in the form of numbers or words. The most charismatic of people have led countries and changed the world (Napoleon, Churchill, Mandela). Charisma is created by the subtle pauses, tone, choice of wording and for other reasons. Charismatic writing is created by taking some of these qualities and applying it to create the desired emotions.

Content converts interest into sales.

A lot of us have a website to generate sales. Unless your product is the only one on the market then you will have to persuade your customer to buy. You do this by writing attractive and engaging content aimed towards your target audience.

You may offer extra support that no other competitor does, but if that is not put across correctly then your customer may buy from your $2 cheaper competitor.

Content builds authority to improve your search engine ranking.

The websites at the top of google have been selected as ‘high authority’ sites by Google’s algorithm. The aim of the algorithm is to rank the best content highest. If you are focussing on low quality articles aimed at blackhat SEO then you are sure to suffer in the long term. Having high quality content that boosts the authority of your website will help you ranking over the long term.

I will be releasing ‘Chris Wrights introduction to SEO’ for free, at some point this year.

Content gets people talking about you and your website.

Marketing can be time consuming and expensive if you let it be. Creating high quality, engaging content that gets people talking about it is a way around this. Want more clicks to your website? No worries, let the content do the work for you as it gets shared.

I hope you now see that content really is king. In the time of information, quality prevails.

Boost your site with high quality content.

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I would argue that no one spends their time trying to be unhappy. At the end of the day, everything we do is for happiness. It could be writing for freedom of time/location, or working 12 hour days for 2 years to make that promotion. We do it because it will bring us happiness. Or we at least think it will.

The end product might not bring us happiness. Money is well known not to be a miracle-cure, just as getting a girlfriend does not always end well.

But does that mean we are wrong to aim for these objects/relationships in order to achieve happiness? No. You weren’t to know before you got there. You took a risk.  Good job.

[quote]It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default. – J K Rowling[/quote]
For now we start again. Made better by our persuit of happiness. This’ll be the one.