The 1 Top Tip Start-Ups Ignore

When my business was in start-up mode I was working for hours every day. Some days I would update my website, others I would brainstorm a new list of courses I could provide. A lot was getting done and it was all positive but my business was not moving anywhere. It was stationary with resources being pumped into it but nothing was happening. 

This is a symptom of many start-ups at a standstill. You do everything but sell, I thought selling is what business is about? It’s easy to believe that your customers will come and buy your product if you have a great website or a huge range of services. Unfortunately this is rarely true, you need to go out there and sell.

At the forefront of selling is rejection, a scary thought. No one likes it but it is part of life. A normal person would look to avoid rejection; to follow the path of least resistance. However you are a business starter, an entrepreneur and this is by no means the path of least resistance but it is the path to greater satisfaction and success. 

You Need To Sell

We all have to step outside our comfort zone in order to achieve, so why not today? You can start by calling up 3 of your target companies and pitching your product or service to them. I once attended a talk by a British woman called Lara Morgan, she had a fantastic routine for sales. Every day she would set herself a target number of prospects to call before she could leave. This would often be in 3 figures and would be tallied off one-by-one. This persistence helped her grow her business before she sold her 99% majority stake for £20million (just over $32million in todays exchange rate). 

It’s easy to tell someone what to do, but it is completely different when you are actually doing it. You need to give yourself every opportunity to succeed whilst minimising chance of failure. It’s the simple things such as writing down what you are going to say on the phone, researching your target audience and finding their ‘pain’ (this will be discussed in a later article). Once all bases are covered, then do. If you succeed, then do it again. If you fail, you must do it again. 

The aim of the post is not to tell you to forget everything else, but it is to encourage you to make sales a priority. 

Learn from your mistakes and always look to improve. It may take 99 ‘no’s’ but eventually you will get that ‘yes’ to take your business on the road to success. 

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