Content Writing

If you are aiming to make your content work for a purpose then you need to ensure that you hire someone who has experience making attractive and engaging content.

I am that writer, I can create content that will be shared and spoken about.

A top writer with expertise

[box]My services include writing, editing and proofreading, specializing in:

  • Business
  • Enterprise and Startups
  • Health
  • Psychology
  • Sport
  • Self Improvement[/box]

My expertise in the fields I write about come from experience.

I am trained in the fields of Health and Exercise, Entrepreneurship and Business as well as being a certified NLP Practitioner.

I have previously ran my own business using psychology to help other businesses sell as well.

Like most young men, I am big into sport (I feel this one needs no more explaining!).

A top writer with professionalism and great communication

Having experienced backed, high qaulity writing is great but it can be terribly frustrating without the other two: professionalism and communication. These are priorities of mine; ensuring that the client is always kept happy and updated.

If you’ve been burnt by a freelancer before it is most likely that once the money is on the table they go cold, taking hours and sometimes days, to reply to your messages. I’ve been burnt and I don’t want you to be. Do not worry, you will be in good hands.

“Okay so you sound good, but why do I need you?”

You need me because content is king. Content is what converts interest into sales, creates authority to improve your search ranking and gets people talking about you and your website.

The world is about information, communicate it well and you will achieve.


Lets talk about how I can help you, email me.


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